Meet the Scientists

Current and past scientific collaborators in the NPC and broader scientific community

  • David Begley, King’s College London: CNS distribution of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (HPBCD)
  • Ashley Bush, University of Melbourne: Measurement of metals in NPC1 mouse tissues
  • Keith Duncan, University of Michigan: HPBCD-induced ototoxicity
  • Larry Goldstein, University of California San Diego: Evaluation of compounds that improve mitochondrial viability
  • Paul Helquist and Olaf Wiest, University of Notre Dame; Fred Maxfield, Cornell Weill; Ed Holson, Broad Institute: Evaluation of HDAC inhibitors for treatment of NPC1 disease
  • Danny Manor, Case Western Reserve University: Evaluation of tocopherol processing
  • Ralph Nixon, Nathan S. Kline Institute: Similarities between NPC and Alzheimer mouse models
  • Paulina Ordonez, University of California San Diego: Evaluation of mitoprotective agents
  • Bill Pavan, National Human Genome Research Institute: Effect of NAC on NPC1 disease progression and gene therapy in NPC1 disease
  • Frances Platt, University of Oxford; Mario Cortina-Borja, University College London: Analysis of biomarkers
  • Heiko Runz, University of Heidelberg: Effect of TMEM97 inhibition in vivo
  • Lajos Szente, CycloLab: Cyclodextrin biochemistry and mechanism of action
  • Wei Zheng, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences: Examination of combined tocopherol/cyclodextrin therapy
  • Charles Venditti and Bill Pavan, National Human Genome Research Institute: Gene therapy in NPC1 disease
  • Vytautas Verselis and Helmuth Sanchez, Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Effect of cyclodextrin on hearing and hair cells in an NPC1 mouse model

NPC Research

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Origins of Cyclodextrin as a Therapy for NPC disease

Tiger and John are NPC1 heterozygote cats.  Upon retirement from status as breeder males, both cats were adopted from the Niemann-Pick C feline colony by a member of the NPC community.